ApacheCon Europe 2012

Rhein-Neckar-Arena, Sinsheim, Germany

5–8 November 2012

Accommodation in and Near Sinsheim

The conference is taking place in the Rhein-Neckar Arena in Sinsheim. For more information on the venue, and how to get there, please see the venue section.

Official Conference Hotels

There are two great hotels near the venue, and we've reserved room blocks in both, the Hotel Sinsheim and the Hotel Bär. Please note that as we've got the room blocks allocated to us, you won't be able to book through the hotel websites - they're showing as full as we have all the rooms! To book into the official conference hotels, please follow the instructions below.

Please note the Hotel Sinsheim is now full for the conference period. Comfortable and modern, the Hotel Sinsheim is very close by the stadium where we're hosting ApacheCon EU, and by far the most convenient place for conference-goers to stay. It's a 5-10 minute walk to the venue (depending on your walking speed), and the hotel has a range of facilities. It's €98 per night for a room for one person, or €118 for a twin room for two occupants. To make a booking as part of the conference room block, you should reserve your room immediately. There aren't enough rooms in the hotel for everyone, so get in quick!

Additionally, Hotel Bär is a slightly smaller hotel, located in the town center. It's roughly a 20 minute walk to the conference venue, but only a few minutes walk from the bars and restaurants in the town centre. As the hotel is apparently unable to make their dedicated reservations link provide the correct pricing, we ask that you contact them by email (willkommen at hotel-baer dot de) with "APACHECON" in the subject line and a real human being will assist you to book your room.

Other Hotels in Sinsheim

These hotels do not have any blocked rooms. You can book them directly, but remember that there are no reserved rooms, so you should again book early.

Zum Prinzen (site requires Flash) has about 17 rooms and 25 beds.

Wincent Hotel offers free WLAN, free landline calls within Germany and some European countries

In addition, Sinsheim has a few very small hotels (under 10 rooms), and quite a number of Guesthouses / Bed & Breakfasts. The Sinsheim Tourist Bureau maintains a list of all of them, but the website is only in German. If you're interested, you may be best off ringing them for advice, as they have an English version in print! Their contain details are on their website.

The next village over, Dühren, has a couple of hotels in the 50-75 bed range (German), but it's too far to walk to the stadium. If staying in Dühren, you'll either need your own car (it's 5km so a 5-10 minute drive), or to make use of a local taxi (roughly €10 each way).

As far as we're aware, all the camp sites in the local area will have closed for the winter by the time of the conference.

Houses to Rent in the Area

Given the shortage of hotel accommodation, you may find it convenient to rent a house instead. Thorsten Scherler has kindly provided a map of available properties. If you are interested, please contact him as thorsten at apache dot org.

Staying Elsewhere in the Rhein-Neckar region

Sinsheim is a short train ride / drive from the ancient University city of Heidelberg. Heidelberg has a large number of accomodation options, from hostels to fancy hotels. It's roughly a 30 minute train ride from Heidelberg to the station by the conference venue, for more information please see the transportation section. Heidelberg has too many other hotels to list, just check your favourite accomodation booking site or travel agent for options, but you might want to try the Holiday Inn, which had rooms available for €125 including breakfast and wireless Internet when we last checked.

In addition, Manheim is only slightly further away. By train, you'll almost always need to change in Heidelberg for a Sinsheim service. It's only slightly further to drive. Again, there's a huge range of options, too many to list.