ApacheCon Europe 2012

Rhein-Neckar-Arena, Sinsheim, Germany

5–8 November 2012

Sponsorship Prospectus

If you have any questions, please send an email to ea@apache.org with a subject of "ApacheCon Sponsorship".

Sponsorship Levels

Please note that some sponsorship packages are exclusive, sponsors are advised to confirm as soon as possible to ensure the package they want is still available!

About the Conference

ApacheCons are community events, run by the developers involved in the Apache Software Foundation, for all the developers out there building on top of ASF software! They are generally attended by a range of different technical people, typically interested in a cluster of Apache projects/technologies, to learn from the very best in the world. There's also normally a small, but very well regarded, Community and Business track, for those wishing to learn and share knowledge on how to build open, meritocratic community driven open source, and businesses on top of that. Most attendees work in or around software development, though a small (but important!) number are involved in community, management and business roles. We always have some students attending, this year we're hoping for a few more than in the past, as we're based close to a number of Universities with excellent CompSci faculties.

The conference will have a number of different tracks, covering different areas of interest around the foundation. Some tracks will be a single day, some multiple days. Some tracks will take place in very large rooms, others in medium sized ones, as appropriate for the interest in that topic area. Typically, there will be 5 tracks running each day, ranging in size from 50 to 250 attendees. We're aiming to have around 400-450 attendees, venue constraints mean we can't go above 500 (across all tracks combined).


Our single platinum sponsorship slot has been taken by the lovely people at SAP. We're not taking any others, sorry.

Evening Event Sponsor

ApacheCon doesn't just end when the last talk finishes, the discussions, coding and knowledge sharing carry straight on! We're looking for a small number of sponsors to help make these evening events happen.

The Evening Events sponsorship package includes:

  • Logo placement on web site and program
  • Signage in evening session rooms
  • Signage around the evening food and drinks
  • A chance for attendees to meet with your staff, during food and drinks breaks
  • Everything from the All Sponsors section below

For more information on the kinds of evening events that have been run in the past, please see the listings for previous events on the ApacheCon Site Archive. Generally they include a mixture of short formal presentations (eg lightning talks), project / project area meetups, presentations on new / hot topics, barcamp sessions, round-table discussions and coding "hackathons".

Evenings sponsorship packages are available for €8,000 per evening.

Exclusive Track Sponsor

A key part of ApacheCon are the main talks during the day, where world-leading experts share their knowledge. All talks at ApacheCon are grouped into tracks by subject/technology/project area, for more information please see the Tracks page. For organisations interested in just one such area, we offer the chance to sponsor the whole track exclusively.

This package includes

  • Prominent logo placement on web site and program, against the track
  • Signage in the track room
  • Additional signage outside of the track room
  • Two conference passes (per day sponsored)
  • Dedicated signed tables at lunch, where attendees can sit to discuss things with your staff during the lunchtime break
  • Everything from the All Sponsors section below

Exclusive Track sponsorship packages are available for €6,000 per day per track. Individual days of a multi-day track may be sponsored, assuming the whole track hasn't already been sponsored. This is an exclusive sponsorship package, once a track day has been sponsored by one organisation it is no longer available to others, so don't delay!

Track Sponsor

For organisations interested in one or two subject areas, there's the chance to co-sponsor a track or tracks. The package includes:

  • Logo placement on web site and program
  • Signage in the track room
  • One conference pass (per day sponsored)
  • Everything from the All Sponsors section below

Track sponsorship packages are available for €1,500 per day per track, and individual days of a multi-day track may be sponsored if available. Track sponsorship is only available for track days where no exclusive sponsor has committed, so don't delay!

Committers Reception

The committers reception normally takes place the evening after the hackathon, which is the night before the first conference session. It's normally open to all Apache Committers, and those who've taken part in the hackathon (many of whom are likely future committers).

As the sponsor of the venue, food and drinks of this evening, you'll have the gratitude of the committers, and you'll be remembered for years to come! As if this wasn't enough, beyond getting to interact with the Apache committership in a friendly and social setting, you'll get:

  • Signage around the reception venue, including near food / drinks
  • Logo placement on web site and program
  • Everything from the All Sponsors section below

This is an exclusive sponsorship position, and is available for around €5,000 (exact price depending on the catering options chosen, please contact us for more details).

Community Sponsors

Last, but certainly by no means least, we have our community sponsors. This diverse group covers a wide range of organisations who have helped to ensure that conference is a sucess. Whether that's a publication who have helped with getting the word out, a company who has contributed towards the cost of getting their staff to the event to speak, or a local organisation who's helped out with on-the-ground things, this group deserves our thanks!

Sponsorship Deadline

In order to make the printed program and signs, sponsorship needs to be confirmed 3 weeks before the event. Sponsorship can be accepted after that date (and is welcomely accepted!), but please note that late sponsorships will generally only be able to be shown online (plus company provided banners displayed).

Several sponsorship packages are exclusive. When they're gone, they're gone, so don't delay!

All Sponsors

No matter what sponsorship package chosen, all sponsors will get:

  • A listing in the program
  • Your logo displayed on the website
  • In the sponsors section of the website, a 100-word boilerplate with linked URL displayed with your logo
  • Sponsor logo included in marketing materials, advertising and signage
  • Inclusion in press releases and promotional outreach
  • Up to 900,000 online marketing impressions

All sponsor logos will be featured on banners around the conference, and will be shown during at a few points during the conference as part of "Thanks to our Sponsors" sections.

What you don't get

There are a few things that sponsorship won't get you, sorry. Just so that everyone's clear, being a sponsor doesn't get you any control over content.

You won't get an automatic talk slot - all talks must be submitted via the Call For Papers, sponsor or not. We welcome talk proposals from sponsors and potential sponsors! Talks will be selected on merit though, blind to any sponsorship. Additionally, sponsors get no say in what talks are accepted, or who gets to give them. All talks are selected purely on merit.

Finally, there won't be an exhibition space. Those covering evening events, and those exclusively sponsoring a track, will have a space to interact with attendees who wish to.